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Here I've put some of my Meccano working models, as well as part of my Meccano collection.

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Meccano 6 inches Reflector Telescope

This is my my second reflector telescope made with Meccano


Meccano at Skegness, 2010 (Photo Gallery)

I visited Skegness again for the biggest Meccano event on Friday 02/07/2010.


Meccano at Skegness, 2009

This is my first time to visit a Meccano event, and I must say that I am very impressed!!!


Meccano Bending Machine

This is my 2 ½ inches Bending Machine made mainly from Meccano parts.


Meccano Telescope

This is a unique construction made, mainly, with Meccano parts.

My intention was to build a working model of a telescope without all these special
this is a Reflector Telescope armed with a 3 inches (75mm) mirror which has a 27 inches (700mm) focal length. ..... More
Meccano Telescope  

Meccano and Electronics

In this construction, Meccano parts are used to support a stepper motor which is used as electric generator and some electronic parts that used as a bridge rectifier and a fiew LEDs.

Meccano stepper motor generator

Gearless Rear Axle Drive - Differential

I've copyed this Meccano model from a Meccano Magazine.
It works, but I don't think that can be used for more than demonstration purposes.

Meccano gearless differential

Meccano Sliding Table X -Y

This is an experimental model made with some of my Meccano parts.
I don'think that one can use it for real, unless he/she works on wax or other soft material.

Meccano sliding table x, y.

Meccano Hand Operated Generator

I have constructed this demonstration Meccano model, following the principle that almost every electric motor can be an electric generator as well.

Meccano hand operated generator
    Drawing instruments have always attracted my interest.
  Most of them are now obsolete but collectible.
 One of these expensive and rare instruments is the ellipsograph.
  In this page you can see my first attempt on this made eclusively with parts from my Meccano collection.
Meccano Ellipsograph
  Many different kinds of differential can be made from Meccano
  Gears, one of them, made with contrate gears is shown here.

Meccano Differential Mechanism

  In this Meccano model I used bevel gears as crown and pinions.
  This makes the construction more interesting but of course
  more expensive.

Meccano Differential Mechanism
  This is the picture of a rare Meccano set. It is one of the first Post War II sets.
Meccano set No 2

Steam Engine Piston

Well, this is not exactly Meccano item, but I found it very interesting so I created this simulation and I put it here. You must have "Shockwave" extension installed on your browser from Adobe (ex Macromedia). If you don't have it then, follow the instructions on your browser to install it.

steam engine piston simulation


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